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Dog boarding

We have 8 large kennels (4.5 x 1.5 metres each) and provide a personal service for each dog that stays with us. Dogs are walked daily on lead for 30 minutes around our 40 hectare bushland property and also have time out in our grassed exercise areas with other dogs where compatible.  

We provide all food, bedding and toys, however we encourage owners to bring along something, such as a blanket or toy that smells like home. Our bedding is trampoline style with a soft mattress.

See the photo below. Yep, it kind of looks like a prison camp but hey, it's safe, comfortable and the food is unbelievably good!

Cat boarding

We have 20 cat runs. Each run has an inside air conditioned part where your cat can snuggle into one of our cosy igloos and an outside covered and caged enclosure with a platform, chair and cushion so your cat can enjoy the fresh air and afternoon or morning sun. Cats access the outside enclosure via an open hatch at floor level.

All cat runs have scratching posts and we provide a selection of toys, however you are welcome to provide your own bedding and toys if you think your cat will feel more at home.

For senior cats, three of our runs are equipped with ramps to the sleeping and feeding areas.

Red Dingo pet tags

Bushlands Pet Retreat have the full range of Red Dingo pet tags. They are great looking tags that include personalised engraving and delivery. The enamel on solid stainless steel tags will never rust or corrode. The tags are typically available in small, medium and large sizes. Cat tags are available in one size. See details

Video of the inside part of each cat run. Cats can move freely between the inside air-conditioned and outside enclosures.


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